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technical difficulties

Apple iPod vs. iPhone

I've seen the new iPod touch. Nice.

From everything that I have read and seen, the iPod touch is the same machine as the iPhone, except the iPod touch obviously can't be used as a phone and can't take pictures. I've also read the iPod touch can't work as a GPS device, but I wonder how often I would use that walking around town --- I already have a GPS in my car.

I think both sync with Microsoft Outlook for scheduling. I really like the Palm OS, so I'm thinking that either machine would require me to abandon using the "Palm" way of doing things.....

The AT&T charge per month is more than I want to spend for cell phone use. Hence, my hesitation to get an iPhone.

Comments? Thoughts?


Get an iPhone. I have the iPod Touch and *wish* I would've waited to get the iPhone. I guess I still *could* get the phone, but then I'd have to put my current phone and my iPod Touch back in their boxes and they might cry... since they're both relatively new.
I think I'm going to wait, and see if prices drop on the monthly plan. I have a few months remaining on my current cell phone contract.

One question Nick: does your iPod touch allow you to create voice memos, record meetings etc. My old Palm let me do that, and I really miss that feature.
There's no external mic for voice on the touch but you can buy an attachment that will allow you to record memos. I don't know what the product is called, or who makes it, but I am sure it exists because I've seen it. I just don't remember where.

Gotcha....I'd be happy with an internal mic, where I could just hold the iTouch close to my face and say a phone number or an address, etc. Does it have that feature?
Sorry. No, there's no mic at all.

I think the iPhone can do what you're asking, though.

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