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Yesterday's Mashed Potatoes

Track the comings and goings of my exciting/changing/at-times-monotonous life...

13 September
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Track the comings and goings of my ever exciting/changing/at-times-monotonous life!

I'm a 40-something guy who has lived in several places in the great old USA. Born and raised in Connecticut. Now living in Columbus, Ohio, (new job) after a five year stint in Chicago, Illinois.

Did the grad school thing in Tempe, Arizona where I earned my Ph.D.
I use my LJ to write about the ups and downs of this thing called life. It definitely helps me...it's a form of release, as I strongly believe that sometimes "paper is the only thing that will listen." My journal is a chronicle of where I have been and where I may be going.

I enjoy theater, singing, intimate parties, good times with friends, etc.

Loyal, true blue friends are scattered about the country. If anything, I am loyal to those I am lucky enough to call "friend."