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Attention Apple OS Leopard Users

If you have configured your Mac with Leopard OS to run Windows applications, (Mac states that Leopard has the ability to run both Mac and Windows) can you share your experience(s)?  Have the Windows applications run quickly?  Is the Windows platform on Mac stable?
The last time I had a Mac, (and I do love Apple, but work dictates Windows applications) I used Virtual PC, and it was slower than molasses dripping out of a bottle on a cold day. I need a machine that can run both platforms quickly and is hassle free.
Thanks in advance for any feedback.......


Yes, using a program called boot camp you create a separate partition on the hard drive. You need to have your own copy of Windows XP (service pack 2) or Windows Vista. At that point, following the prompts, you install a version of Windows on the computer. After that, you can boot in either Mac mode or in Windows Mode.

Third-party programs, like Parallels 3.0 will let you run your Windows partition inside a window after you've booted in Mac mode.

I started using boot camp while it was in Beta with the older version of Mac OS 10.4.9. It ran flawlessly. Whatever problems you have with Windows will remain, but you won't get any new ones running it on a Mac.
Thanks. I would be working either in the Mac world or the Windows world, so booting up only one platform wouldn't be a problem. Can you tell me what the speed is like on the PC side? Is it blazingly fast? That's really important to me.....
The speed in P.C. world will be exactly the same as on a similarly equipped p.c. It isn't running Windows in software emulation mode. It is running windows natively in boot camp, using the hardware and chipset just as a dell or other machine would do. If anything, booting Windows on a Mac will be faster than lower end PCs with the same hardware because Macs tend not to skimp on these things.

Even in Parallels, which runs inside Mac OS, uses the hardware whenever possible and runs at about 90% efficiency or more from what I understand. I couldn't detect any lag.

Ok. Then I need to save a bit more "moola," so if I go this route, I can buy a mac that has a very fast processor, lots of ram, and a large hard drive because I will definitely partition it. I use the PC for all work related things, but there is nothing even close to iLife in the Windows world, and I want to be able to use those programs again.
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